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Andy Kallio 7Andy Kallio 7 

Admin looking for way to select a visualforce pdf

Hello friends. 
My requirement is to develop a few different visualforce pdfs that the user is to select based on their particular need. In other words, the user wants to be able to present a quote in different ways depending on the client. 

So, I could simply stack up a bunch of links on the page layout that would call each of these visualforce pages. I would like to provide them with a select list on the screen, though. So, the idea is that they could make a selection and then the pdf would be saved to the record and perhaps opened in a new tab. 

My question here is about how to provide that select list. We are pretty much entirely on lightning. So, I have been thinking about the following 3 options.
  1. Use a flow to call an invocable apex method. I think this option is not going to work because the invocable method cannot return a pagereference that would open the pdf. 
  2. Use a visualforce page. Here I get confused...do I then have to embed that page in a lightning component since we're on lightning?
  3. Use a lightning component. If have to embed the visualforce page then wouldn't it be better to just make a lightning component?
Any opinions on these or new ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Andy Kallio 7Andy Kallio 7
I found this just after writing the above. It's pretty close to what I want to do but still assumes that there is only one page involved.