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Komal WaghKomal Wagh 

Unable to cover the code in the test class.

This is my Apex class

public class ExportEmailMessageDataController {
    Public Static List<Case> documents{get;set;}
    Public Static List<EmailMessage> Doc{get;set;}
    public ExportEmailMessageDataController(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller){
    public Static Void getEmailMessage(){
        documents = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, ParentId, TextBody, Headers, Subject, FromName, FromAddress, ToAddress, BccAddress,CcAddress, Incoming, HasAttachment, Status FROM EmailMessages)From Case Where Status = 'Closed'];
        // List<EmailMessage> em =[SELECT LastModifiedDate, Id, Subject,ParentId FROM EmailMessage where LastModifiedDate <= LAST_N_DAYS:30 ];
        String replaceBr = '';
        Doc = new List<EmailMessage>();
        for(Case c : documents){
                system.debug('In email message');
                for(EmailMessage em : c.EmailMessages){
                    system.debug('check email message');
                      if( em.TextBody != NULL)
                        em.TextBody = em.TextBody.replace('\r\n', ' ');
                        em.TextBody = em.TextBody.replace('\n', ' ');
                        em.TextBody = em.TextBody.replace('\r', ' ');

//This is the test class

public class TestExportEmailMessageDataController {
    public Static List<EmailMessage> Doc{get;set;}
    public static void testFuction(){
        Doc = new List<EmailMessage>();
        List<EmailMessage> emailList  = new  List<EmailMessage>();
        List<Case> caseList = new List<Case>();
         Case c = new Case();
        c.Subject = 'Om Test';  
        c.Status ='Closed';
        c.Priority = 'Medium';
        c.Origin = 'Email';
        insert c;
        Case c1 = new Case();
        c1.Subject = 'Om Test';  
        c1.Status ='Closed';
        c1.Priority = 'Medium';
        c1.Origin = 'Email';
        insert c1;
        //Insert emailmessage for case
        EmailMessage email = new EmailMessage();
        email.FromAddress = '';
        email.Incoming = true;
        email.ToAddress= '';
        email.Subject = 'Test email';
        email.HtmlBody = 'Test email body';
        email.ParentId = c.Id; 
        email.TextBody = 'test test test';
        email.RelatedToId =c.Id;
        email.CcAddress = '';
        email.BccAddress = '';
        email.Status  = '1';
        insert email;
        system.debug('Inserted  email'+email);
        ApexPages.StandardSetController stdSetController = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(caseList);
  		ExportEmailMessageDataController ext = new ExportEmailMessageDataController(stdSetController);
Hi Komal Wagh,

 Your test code is fine make a small change like below.  You will get 100% code coverage. I just tested it.
Please change to  System.Test.startTest(); instead of test.startTest();  and also for  System.Test.stopTest(); instead of  test.stopTest();.