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Prem Ranjan 45Prem Ranjan 45 

how to provide enable customer user button in page layout if we have record type in salesforce

Martha VMartha V
More details are needed to be able to answer your question. What kind of button are you trying to enable in the page layout? do you have a specific page layout for each record type? Is it a custom button?   Assumming it's a custom button, you need to go to the page layout of the record type you want to enable the button.
Prem Ranjan 45Prem Ranjan 45
Hi Thanks for looking into the matter!
As per your query,
'Enable customer user' is pre-defined button which will show in contacts only after enabling the community .
Yes we have specific page layouts for each record type.

The actual scenario is we want our users to move to community cloud, for that we have gone through the process of converting the contacts to customer user. As we have two record types on contact object, we are unable to get the button 'Enable customer user' (which will come after enabling the commnities) in the contact record page but it is showing on all the page layouts of contact. 

I supposed , you are clear with the requirement.
Kindly suggest in this regards.

Thanks and regards,