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How to get the length of Integer field in Apex ?

I am generating random number of length 9 digits .. sometimes, the leading zero is dropped and I am getting less than 9 digits sometimes... so, I need to check the number length in apex ..if it;s less than 9 numbers I want to generate another one. How to get the length ?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

You are looking for DescribeFieldResult.getLength():

For string fields, returns the maximum size of the field in Unicode characters (not bytes).
Schema.DescribeFieldResult F = Account.AccountNumber.getDescribe();
Integer lengthOfField = F.getLength();

Thanks Raj! I have defined the custom settings field .. where we need to enter the length of the random number (amximum 18). Based on this defination, I will generate the random number with that length. SO, I defined length as 9. So, I need to generate random number with 9 length. But sometimes, leading zero is getting dropped as it;s integer .. so, I have only 8 digits. But I need 9 digits length .. so, I want to check the random number length after generating .. if it's less .. then I need to generate another one ..in loop. How do I find the length . it's not a field on the custom object ..it's generated in Apex class ...temp variable basically.
First convert the integer to string using string.ValueOf(integerValue). Then check if the length of the string is 9 or not . If not you can do your further code.

string p = string.ValueOf(intValue);
if(p.length() < 9){
      // Here wil be your code