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Stéphane CStéphane C 

Can't uninstall managed package


I have made a managed packaged that I installed on a custom sandbox as a beta for tests. Then I tried to uninstall it for installing a new version and the uninstall process said on an automated e-mail that a certain picklist value set of the managed package can't be uninstall because :

"null: This global picklist is used by 1 or more custom fields. Remove the usage and try again."

So I checked directly on the value set where it is used and here is the problem : The only use is on a custom field of a custom object that belongs the managed packaged I'm trying to uninstall.

I obviously can't change this field before uninstall because it comes from the managed package so I don't have any idea for this issue.

Any idea ?
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Anant KamatAnant Kamat
Please refer the below link and see if it helps.