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Scott Chambers 2Scott Chambers 2 

Making one field equal to another through Workflow Rule

I've created two custom fields for opportunities that are "Revenue Per Order" and "Yearly Revenue." 

I'd like to create a workflow that says "If Revenue Per Order" does not equal "Amount", modify Amount to equal Revenue Per Order. Revenue per Order is required, while Amount is not. I believe I've gotten the criteria correct, but cannot seem to find the correct immediate actions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Scott,
  1. Create a workflow rule on Opportunity object.
  2. Set Rule Criteria :  Amount != Revenue Per Order (Use formula to define this criteria)
  3. Set Evaluation Criteria as per your requirement:  Evaluate the rule when a record is created | Evaluate the rule when a record is edited | Evaluate the rule when a record is edited to subsequently meet the criteria.
  4. Then add an immediate action as Field Update.
  5. Select the field to update as "Amount". Then select "Use a formula to set the new value".
  6. In formula editor, put "Revenue Per Order" field. Click Save and activate workflow rule.
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