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Salesforce Org - Both as SP and IDP

I have this follwoing scenario . Can someone please help?

50% of employees in my org have active salesforce licenses. They log into the org via SSO through Active Directory . So in this case :

My Salesforce org is an SP (with SSO settings enabled)


AD is my Idp

Also, I have another Web Based app called "Booking Portal". I want all my Salesforce users to seamlessly log into my Booking Portal app.


How can I do this?


Can I add Booking portal as my canvas app and enable SAML ? In this case Salesforce will be my IdP . Is this doable?

There are two ways to achieve this
1. Salesforce as IDP - It will work. But you have to control Canvas App visibility to the users in Salesforce.
2. AD as IDP - It will work. AD Group can easily control who can access the app.
Both the cases will work. My personal recommendation is two so that AD Group can control the app.

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