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Rahul Luthra 1Rahul Luthra 1 

Transaction history policy - Track User Repeated Logins

Hi Experts,

I am trying to track suspicious user activities via Transaction history policy. Can someone please guide me in achieving the below scenario. I didn’t find the option to achieve this via available/predefined events.

Repeated Logins - Notify user upon n of login attempts in 24 hours. 

Hrushi DasuHrushi Dasu
Hi Rahul,

I understood that you wanted to track the activities of the user especially for the login's
Go to Setup >> users > select username >> on the user details page there will be a related list for login history.

For the org
From setup >> login history >> select format for download and click for download last six months org login history will be available.

Other options for tracking user activities

Option 1:
You can pull out a history report for any object including custom object. Go to New Report. In the Quick Find Box type "History". Then select the object you would like to report on.For example, if you ant to track a lead status change for your org then set filter Field/Event contain Status. This will show you status change values for the lead. (old value to new value). You can summarize this report by user or status. Unfortunately you will have to do this for each object.

Option 2:
Please check for the suitability of the App from the below AppExchange link

The above app is what I could find and seems to cover
1) Salesforce usage for potential data theft by employees
2) Monitoring privileged user access and activity
3) Complying with portions of federal and global regulations and security frameworks (e.g., NIST, ISO 27001, and COBIT 5)

Kindly Note: This is a paid App and I found it to meet your requirement but its not under Salesforce support its Third party one. Any choice is your own decision.

Option 3:
If you are suspecting any user for your reasons and wanted to see the activity and will or already changed the user permissions or profile or any other security features you can opt for historical event logs which is a paid feature again for costing and data what support can extract for you and please note its a one time process costing activity.

Hope this helps.