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Shobana RavichandranShobana Ravichandran 

Send email reminder for payment notification


my requirement is to create a payment reminder to customer when their credit term is 30, they should be notified 5th of the month and if credit term is 35, they should be notified 10th of the month. how can i acheive.
please help me on this.
Andrew GAndrew G
Account holds the credit term.
We are driving from the Invoice object. Invoice has status of "paid"/"Unpaid"

On the invoice object, have a field called "Reminder Date"
Have a formula/process builder/trigger that updates the "Reminder Date" in accordance with your criteria.
Have a Process builder on Invoice object
Criteria "invoice unpaid"
Scheduled action - 0 hours after "Reminder Date" invoke an email notification.

Whilst there is a Scheduled action, if the INvoice changes state to "Paid", the criteria is no longer satisfied, therefore the email alert will not be sent.

Shobana RavichandranShobana Ravichandran
Thanks Andrew.
I want to create the reminder using only credit term, could you please suggest any idea to implement.