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Sindhuja Ganapathy 9Sindhuja Ganapathy 9 

Is it possible to create a rotating headline in Salesforce UI using apex?

Piyush Gautam 6Piyush Gautam 6
Hi Sindhuja Ganapathy,

Try to use marquee tag in visualforce page for dynamic and custom class for rotating a text.

For Example:
<apex:page >
        div.a {
          width: 150px;
          height: 80px;
          -ms-transform: rotate(20deg); /* IE 9 */
          -webkit-transform: rotate(20deg); /* Safari 3-8 */
          transform: rotate(20deg);
    <marquee>A scrolling text created with HTML Marquee element.</marquee>
    <div class="a"><apex:outputText>Rotate by 20 degree</apex:outputText></div>

Sindhuja Ganapathy 9Sindhuja Ganapathy 9
How to implement the same with lightning components?