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Abhi MehtaAbhi Mehta 

Integration between two orgs.

Scenerio - 

There will be two org, one salesforce and another non-salesforce. 

What we need to do is to search account in both the orgs and display the output on VF page.
Can anyone help with the api or can shed some light ?

J CesarJ Cesar

Hi Abhi,

You can use external objects for the non-Salesforce system, or get the objects from the non-Salesforce org via an API (if there is one) and a custom web service.

Not sure how you expect people to help with API when you don't give any idea of what the other system is or whether there is an existing API or if one can be written, and if there is a way to log in other than through GUI (most systems would have it). If there is no API there would have to be a way to formulate queries with web calls and a way to log in programmatically either via access token or a username and password, etc. Hitting the system with unauthorised web calls shouldn't return you any data.