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Text collection contains string operator not working/malfunctioning


I'm currently trying to validate if our user's proper upload files true a flow.

When our users will upload a file, the file name will be collected in a text collection variable. The file upload module is limited to only receive .pdf files. 

Whereof in the end flow makes a comparison between the text collection and the string ".pdf". With running the flow, it makes a strange decision.

User-added image

The text collection {!FileNames} equals [2.pdf], compares it with ".pdf". but the conditions weren't met. 

Could someone help me out what I'm doing wrong here? Isn't flow comparing the extension of the files? Or....? 

Thanks in advance!!!
Lori Gordon 23Lori Gordon 23
Hi - I got this to work by adding a loop through the collection variable into a text variable, then comparing the text variable content.  
Sharp BESharp BE
Hi Lori, 

Thanks for the feedback! 
Would it be possible to share a couple of screenshots on how you configured it? I tried to reconstruct your wording, but I still didn't get it to work.

Thanks in advance!
Deepak Adhikari 9Deepak Adhikari 9
I do have the same issue need to know who to contact, I tried to use another loop before decision element to get text from the picklist collection variable, still no outcoume only default path is taken by the decision element. 
Outcome conditions
Does Require Record Changed to meet criteria: true
{!TodecisionTextfromloop} (ProspectingOpen) Contains Prospecting
Skipped this outcome because its conditions weren't met: