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Help: Emailing a Lead with a Related To object selected throws an error

Hi there,

Whenever I try to send an email to a Lead in the activity side panel in Lightning, it throws the following error:
Review the errors on this page.
You can’t send an email to a lead when there’s a value in the Related To field. Remove the lead or the Related To entry.

Email messages work fine for Contacts, so this is exclusively an issue for Leads. It appears to be a validation rule of some sort, yet if it is, I cannot find the object the rule is on, so I cannot access it in order to change it.

Does anyone have any insight that would help me solve this problem? Is this expected behaviour?

hanumanth rao Naiduhanumanth rao Naidu
Hello Flywheel Dev,
Even i am also facing same issues , let me know the solution please , i have to close this issue urgently .
Priya ChimalgiPriya Chimalgi
Does anyone have solution for this in 2022?