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Natasha AliNatasha Ali 

Use SOAP API to connect third party system and be able to search that database from Salesforce

I'm struggling with understanding how I will implement this SOAP API from Salesforce to https://services.edrs.sfa.bis.gov.uk/documentation/WebServices/.

The API will enable a user to search the EDS Database using the following methods:
- ByFreeText
- ByOrganisation
- ByPostcode
- ByStreet
- Fetch

I want to create an interface or something within Salesforce, where the user can search an organisations' name and the API would retrieve information about the org (specifically a URN (ref number)) from the third-party org.

How would I begin this? I've done all the SOAP API trailheads so I have a basic understanding, I just need some guidance on where to begin??

Any help is much appreciated!
Many thanks,
Natasha :)