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Geoffrey NixGeoffrey Nix 

Trying to run a test class to test a method that uses batchable apex to retrieve Opportunities with less than 30 days til close and give a 10% discount to those Opportunities. My code is below and I'm getting errors

private class NotifyClosingOppsTest {
    static void setup(){
        Opportunity [] opps = new List <Opportunity>();
        for(Integer i=0; i<50; i++) {
           opps.add(new Opportunity(Name ='Tester ' +i,
                     CloseDate = date.newInstance(2020, 1, 1), Stage = 'Needs Analysis'));
        insert opps;
        static testmethod void test() {
            NotifyClosingOpps oppTester = new NotifyClosingOpps();
            Id BatchId = Database.executeBatch(oppTester);
            System.assert(Opportunity.CloseDate < 30);
Greg HGreg H
You need a dynamic CloseDate value. Use something  like CloseDate = Date.Today() to populate with a close date of today or CloseDate = Date.Today().addDays(3) for a close date three days from now.