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Pavas Singhal 17Pavas Singhal 17 

How to reference Lightning Knowledge Object Field in Email templates

Hey Pavas,

Since I don't have much info to really work in a specific order, I just tried it in my own way and got those fields in the template.

Method 1:
In Setup/Quick Find >
Type Classic Email Templates > Click New Template > Choose the one you prefer. I went with the option Text.
From Available Merge Fields > Select Knowledge Fields > Select the fields that you need and modify the template according to the requirements.

If you don't see the option "Knowledge Fields" then do the following:

Method 2:
In Setup/Quick Find > type Users.
Go to your User > Click edit > Check the Knowledge User checkbox.
Again in the Quick Find, type Knowledge Settings and click it > Now enable the Knowledge tab. (This action is irreversible, so my suggestion is think good and hard before you perform this action.)
Now do the method 1 again.

After creating the template, I tested it by creating a Workflow rule on Knowledge object with an Email Alert workflow action. Good luck!