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Sarahi GodinezSarahi Godinez 

Create the Battle Station: Creating the tab Battle Station

Hey, so every time I create the tab for Battle Station it saves as Battle Stations and I don't know why. To get the points it has to be Battle Station but I don't know how if I can't change the tab label. Please help and thank you! 
The plural label of an object would become it's tab name. As long as the label of the object is Battle Station you should be good. Post a screenshot of the object's details. Also the error which you're getting at the time of verification would help.
Keval PadiaKeval Padia
Hey Sarahi, to change tab name from 'Battle Stations' to 'Battle Station',
  • Go to Battle Station object setup page (Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Battle Station) [path for Lightning Experience User Interface]
  • Select 'Edit' on Detail section of Battle Station object.
  • Now, remove the 's' from the 'Battle Stations' in 'Plural Label' field which will make it 'Battle Station', and click 'Save'.
  • After your page is refreshed, you will find the tab name changed to 'Battle Station'.
Keval Padia,
Thank you Keval! I removed the s like you said and it worked! 
Keval PadiaKeval Padia
Hey Sarahi, that's great. Let me know if you require any other assistance in regards to SF. Below is our profile link,


Keval Padia