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Lightning Web Component Styling - Textarea


I am facing this issue in many out of the box LWC components. I am trying to change the style of text area by defining a css class. But it is failing to override the slds style at run time? Any idea?
    <div class="row slds-m-vertical_large">
        <h2 class="header">Basic Examples</h2>
        label="Enter some text"

    height: 150px;

You can find this live at : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/tools/playground/QWa-zfwxW/1/edit

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Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Greetings to you!

- 'mytextarea' class is for the label Enter Some Text, so when you add a CSS to that class the Enter Some Text area part will be changed.

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Please use the below link for further reference : - 
    - https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A000000plnTQAQ

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