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Brianna DamianBrianna Damian 

Custom button code not working in Lightning

I have a custom button within a custom object that was coded/made by Salesforce labs. The button works in classic, but it's not working as intended in Lightning. We need to make minor customization to the visual force codes in order to make this compatible with Lightning. Can anyone help with this? Or direct me to the right contact? Thanks!
Hi Briana,

We could help you on this. If possible, could you please post the VF code here ?

Brianna DamianBrianna Damian
Hi Govinda, It’s long, but here is the VF code: <script src="/soap/ajax/21.0/connection.js" type="text/javascript">
{!HTMLENCODE(RFP__c.name)} (/{!RFP__c.id}" target="SFDC)

Enter question here:

{!HTMLENCODE(RFP__c.name)} (/{!RFP__c.id}" target="SFDC)

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Thanks, Brianna
Brianna DamianBrianna Damian
Govinda, I noticed the code didn’t paste properly on the forum, let me know if you’re having trouble seeing it and I can resend it. Thank you, Brianna