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Michelle Brown 19Michelle Brown 19 

bring Pega into SF

We are trying to bring in Pega to SF, the Pega Community gave us the how to, but now it says on Step 4 to create an APEX Tab, i'm not sure what that is. Any help?

Pega Community
Screen shot of directions
Karthikeyan Rajendran 14Karthikeyan Rajendran 14
Hi Michelle Brown

      Apex Tab - In Salesforce Tab is the user interface for custom applications that is build on salesforce.com
you can have various tabs created in Salesforce like custom object tabs, web tabs, Visualforce tabs, lightning tabs etc. In your case you need to create Visualforce Tab (as per STEP 5).

Do the following to create VF tab.
 1. click Setup -> Create -> Tabs
 2. In that page scroll down to see visualforce tab -
 3. Click the New button on top of it.
 4. In new visualforce tab page..Select the visualforce page which you have created
 5. Give tab label, tab name and choose tab style

Michelle Brown 19Michelle Brown 19
Thanks. That is what i did, and the Pega content did not disply inside it so i thought i did something wrong. our developer did all the prior stuff; i'm an Admin, so maybe something else is going on instead...