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Andrew Aldis 15Andrew Aldis 15 

Looking for a bit of career advice.

I will be getting laid off at the end of the year and am looking for some advice of credentialling.  I had a SF Developer 1 but let it lapse.  I am studying to retake the test in Sept.  After that I am going to start studying for either the platform developer 2 or work toward the application architect (probably will not get that completed before I have to start looking).  My question is which would be more attractive to potential employers?  Career wise I just want to continue being a developer and do not have any immediate goals of doing anything else.  
In your opinion what are the benefits of each credential, and keep in mind I will start looking in Oct or early Nov so I will definately be able to complete the Dev 2 by then but probably will not be able to get more that 2 or 3 of the necessary credentials for the application architect, although I do think I could commit to getting that complete by the end of the year.  

Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Stephanie Taylor 12Stephanie Taylor 12
Hi Andrew,

I am not an expert by any means but I have talked to about 100 Salesforce Developers in the past month trying to fill a Salesforce Developer Role that I have available in Denver, CO. I would be more than happy to share my knowledge of what I have learned about different companies, pay scale, certifications, etc. Again, I am not an expert but if my knowledge will help you, feel free to e-mail me at stephanie.taylor@kastsystems or call me at 913-226-7358. You will not have a problem finding a role based soley on your experience but depending on the type of company you are looking to join, certifications are important in different fields and required at some companies.
I actually think I e-mailed you about the role I have available... LOL! No worries if you aren't interested in the role I have available, I am more than happy to share my knowledge if it will help you find a gig you love :)

Harry JordanHarry Jordan
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Daniel Strong 17Daniel Strong 17
More than 2 years have passed and I am interested to know where you have already worked and how your career is?
Have you become a developer in a good company?
Daniel Strong 17Daniel Strong 17
I ask this because I am interested to know how long you have been looking for a good place for yourself and realized that this work is right for you and you want to develop in depth. I will graduate from college in 2 years, but we are already being asked to think about what we want to do later and in which direction we are moving. It was difficult for me to answer such questions, so I used https://phdessay.com/free-essays-on/career-goals/ to write papers on the subject. This resource helped me a lot in completing assignmnets and I even learned something new for myself and drew conclusions. I also decided that I would periodically use this resource to have more free time for self-development and trying to get a job in a good company.