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Payal Lodhi 16Payal Lodhi 16 

not receiving message and title of push notification

I am trying to show push notification on android device. On firirng the trigger I am receiving value in  data,foreground,userInteraction fields in notification but title and message is null 
Please let me know what I am missing. Here is my trigger code to send the push notification 

I have tried Android Test notification also but got the same output

// set title ,message and other data
Map<String, Object> androidPayload = new Map<String, Object>();
androidPayload.put('title', els.text+' mentioned you in a comment');
androidPayload.put('message', body);
androidPayload.put('parentId', fi.ParentId);
androidPayload.put('id', fi.Id);
androidPayload.put('objectName', 'Account');

//to send the message info to the device 
msg.send('connectedAppname', users);