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Hi, I have created a Field in account object i.e Account Stage. This field shouldn't be uploaded by the given profile - Chatter External User and Chatter Free User. Can anyone please help in writing the validation rule in this ?

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Arunabh,

Try below validation rule.
AND((ISCHANGED(AccountStage)), $Profile.Name = "Chatter External User")
Chatter External:
This license is designed to invite customers to Chatter groups. Customers are users outside of a company’s email domain. Customers can access information and interact with users only in the groups they’re invited to. They have no access to Salesforce objects or data.

Chatter Free
The Chatter Free license is designed for users who don’t have Salesforce licenses but need access to Chatter. These users can access standard Chatter items such as people, profiles, groups, and files, but they can’t access any Salesforce objects or data. Chatter Free users can also be Chatter moderators. Chatter Free users don’t see tabs like other Salesforce users. Chatter Free users access Chatter feeds, people, groups, and files using the links in the sidebar of the Chatter page.

Vinay Kumar