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Dee Dee AaronDee Dee Aaron 

Help creating a Trigger or Flow to update the “opportunity product” dollar amount

Hi there,
We are looking to create tiered pricing without using a full-blown CPQ solution.
We sell equipment models with different speeds. When a different speed is entered, we want the pricing to autofill.

Note: We don’t want to create separate products to accommodate this because there would be way too many products (speeds range from 3 to 10,000).
What we’re looking for: IF a rep enters a download speed of 100 and an upload speed of 200, then enter the product price as $XXX.XX

Pricing is tiered. THINK: 1-100 is $100 per and 101-200 is $0.50 per etc. I’m not a developer and need help to formulate this flow or trigger. Any help would be appreciated. I will mark as best answer if you’re able to help accomplish this.

Object: Opportunity Product
Upload_Speed_Mbps__c (Number field)
Download_Speed_Mbps__c (Number field)
UnitPrice (Currency)
Kanav TechfineryKanav Techfinery

Hi Dee Dee,

If I were to create a solution for this, I would create a custom object called 'Price Tiers'  with the fields: 
- Lower bound download speed

- Upper bound download speed

- Price

In your case, this would look like: 
Record 1: 
Lower bound download speed: 1
Upper bound download speed: 100
Price : 100

Record 2:
Lower bound download speed: 101
Upper bound download speed: 200
Price : 50


Once you have this custom object in place, you could use it in 2 ways: 
1. Flow
A before-save flow can be written on the Opportunity Product which fetches the 'Download speed' on the Record and queries the 'Price Tiers' object to find the matching record. For instance, if my Opportunity Product has a Download speed of 85 Mbps, then the query would return Record 1..and so on. 

The result can be updated in the UnitPrice field of the Opportunity Product. 

2. Trigger
The same logic as described above can be written using a trigger. NOTE: This logic will have to be bulkified. 

Hope this helps. 

SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Dee,
You can reach out to "Salesforce CPQ and Billing" page on https://trailblazers.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/groups/GroupProfilePage?g=0F93A0000009TGxSAM for inputs on your ask.
You can also log a case with salesforce support.
Link: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=workcom_contact_support.htm&type=5
Thank you