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How to reference a Visualforce page in the postinstallurl

Using the following SF link as reference for DX packaging.  How would I put the URL string in on the PostInstallURL parameter if I want to reference a Visualforce page (call it myvfpage) that is part of the package?  In the unmanaged package gui you can select the VF page with point and click.
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Visualforce is referenced in the following way. However, please note that Salesforce has deprecated visualforce pages as a postInstall instruction page
sfdx force:package1:version:create -n pkg1.1 -i 033xxxxxxxxxxxx -p "apex/TestPostInstall" -u -w 10

The bug fix ( that was submitted for this has been never'd because the functionality of supporting visualforce pages in postinstall instructions has been deprecated and will not be supported

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@Anudeep -- thanks for your response.  So TestPostInstall is the name of the visualforce page?  Lastly, what if I create a HTML page where should it be in the project folder structure and how would I reference it?  Could I create a folder under force-app\main\default called PostInstall and place an HTML file called PostInstallInstructions.html? Using that example, how would I reference it in the --postinstallurl = ????

Thanks in advance.
Saleforces example:
is lacking to say the least.  It shows: "postInstallUrl": ""

That looks like a user defined URL.  Salesforce URLs (my domain) do not look like that so I don't undertand why they use a custom domain in the example!