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Neha Garg 39Neha Garg 39 

Enable field validation by sales process.

Universal Containers has separated business requirements for consumer and Business Opportunities. The sales team work with both types of Opportunities. The app builder created two record types on the Opportunity Object. Which action can now be performed? Choose 2 answers
A. Prevent access to secure data fields by sales process.
B. Specify a different page layout by sales process.
C. Enable field validation by sales process.
D. Create unique Opportunity stages by sales process.

Ans : B & C
Can we enable field validation by the sales process I didn't find option  C as the correct answer?
Abhishek Sharma 36Abhishek Sharma 36
B & D.
C only comes in play once we have a process requirement. But stages will have different values as per 2 different processes.