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Neha Garg 39Neha Garg 39 

Allow additional recipients on email alert

Universal Containers requires e-mails to be sent to additional recipients when a workflow e-mail alert is triggered from the case object.

Which two field types need to be added to the case object to allow additional recipients on the e-mail alert? (Choose two.)
 1. Text field
 2. E-mail field
 3. Lookup field
 4. Formula field
Can Anyone help me to find the correct answer to the above question?
Abhishek Sharma 36Abhishek Sharma 36
Email field is only the right answer. The other option is "Additional Emails"  which is available on the workflow email alert, which is a text field on email alert.
So if you want to go for 2 options then go for 1 and 2.
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
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