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Larry D. DortchLarry D. Dortch 

OR function returns error Expected Boolean, received Text

Seperately these statements work fine but when I add the OR function I get the error.  Doesn't make sense???

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ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Is Major_Gifts_Portfolio_Assignment__c a formula field? 


This link had a similar issue can you check if the above-mentioned field is a formula field once.

Looking forward to your response.

Larry D. DortchLarry D. Dortch
It's a "Look Up" field to the User object.  Basically,  if an Account is assigned to a Biz Users protfolio we want to display a badge on the Account.
Larry D. DortchLarry D. Dortch
If it helps to know,  I actually need each of these statements to evaluate and render a result, because more than 1 badge icon could display on an account.
For example,  an account could be marked as "Do Not Mail' and be assisgend to a Fundraiser portfolio.

Can a custom formual filed do this or is visualforce a better solution?