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Question on Line breaks on VF or classic templates.


I am running into this problem - if I am not using line breaks then sentence is getting too stretchy for the test users (In outlook) in full window mode. However, it adjust approprately when user compress the window which is desirable: Here is the example (too stretchy)

User-added image

But If I use line breaks then when some of the test users see the same email in narrow screen then these line breaks are breaking sentences in wierd fashion. For example: here I used the line break and its ok in full window: 

User-added image
But then it appear strange when somebody looks in small window: 

User-added image

But I also sent the test to my gmail and it appears ok without Line beraks. I thinking to go without line breaks in my VF/classic emails. What is the recommendation? 

Thanks a lot, 
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 

Hope your query is answered here.