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Danielle BouathongDanielle Bouathong 

work item skill based routing set up

Hello everyone!
I am not an apex expert so I will need your help to get through this!
We want to setup the omnichannel Skills-Based Routing and if I understood well, if I want to route work items (=cases) based on skills I need to create an apex class and trigger it with a process builder (for example). Here's the article: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=omnichannel_skills_based_routing_define_apex_action_class.htm&type=5 (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=omnichannel_skills_based_routing_define_apex_action_class.htm&type=5)
There is a part in the apex code that I need to understand: 
static String getSkillId(String caseDescription) { String skillName = 'English'; if (caseDescription != null) { if (caseDescription.contains('Spanish')) { skillName = 'Spanish'; } else if (caseDescription.contains('French')) { skillName = 'French'; } }
Does this part should reflect the Skills-Based Routing Rules that I set ? In my case, my rule is also based on language, for example, if the case custom field "Account_Country_skill__c" = DE then the case needs to be routed to the agent with the DE skills. Should I replace CaseDescription with my custom field ? If yes, how should I do it ?
Thank you!


I'm pretty sure, that you don't need apex for your omni channel skill based routing. 

1. create a skill DE
3. define a routing configuration
3. create a queue und and case assignemnt rule that assignes that case to that queue
4. create a service resource of type agent and assign the new created skill (related list)
5. define a skill-based routing rule with your mentioned field account_country_skill__c
6. that's it: create a case, go online, you will be informed, that there is a new case

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