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Basil A 8Basil A 8 

How to DELETE Lightning Message Service Channel from Org?

Hi Devs,  I coded a Lightning Message Service channel in VS Code, deployed to Org, & then due to some issues later deleted it from the  Project AND Org.  But I think the LMS is STILL in the Org coz after cleaning up & deploying again it doesn't allow it and results in an error.

Here's my Q: do you know Where & How in Setup to: a) find Lightning Message Service channels, and b) completely delete them from the Org?

AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
What is the Error?

There is a soft delete which salesforce support will do, but for that, you have to raise a case with support.
Basil A 8Basil A 8
Don't wanna mess things up more so can't get the exact error but you know that one that says something to the effect "Cannot deploy source to org"?

I'm pretty new, could you please let me know how to "raise a case with support", or the exact URL?  Thx Again!!   
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers)

You raise a case with support based on the above article.

I can't provide you the exact URL it will defer from org to org.

Let me know if it helps you and close your query by marking it as solved so that it can help others in the future.

Basil A 8Basil A 8
@ Abhishek, thanks again, but going back to my original post - do you know where to find Lightning Message Service channels, in the Org, &/or in Setup along with all other objects, metabdata, etc?   
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers)

check this.
Basil A 8Basil A 8
Thanks but I already know how to Create, Deploy, Publish, and Subscribe to Lightning Message Service channels. 

Again, further to the original post, I'm asking where exactly in the Org/Setup to: a) find Lightning Message Service channels, and b) completely delete/remove them from the Org.
Basil A 8Basil A 8
Also cannot find any Lightning Message Service channels in the Org in Setup > Custom Metadata Types.
Helman ReyesHelman Reyes
This worked for me:
from VsCode with the org connected you can use the sfdx force:source:delete command:
In my case, the message channel name was 'boatMessageChannel' so the final command was:

sfdx force:source:delete -p force-app/main/default/messageChannels/boatMessageChannel.messageChannel-meta.xml
User-added image

if you dont have the metadata file in that folder you can download it from the salesforce inspector extension, change the file name and put it in the path.

Mary Ann Grace PangilinanMary Ann Grace Pangilinan
Hi are the questions above were already resolved? i would like to do the same checking as well on how exactly in the Org/Setup to find Lightning Message Service channels. Thanks!
Basil AhmedBasil Ahmed
@Mary Ann Grace Pangilinan this was a LONG TIME AGO but from what I remember there's 2 diferent tools of which I don't have the exact names: 1) Meta Data Viewer, and 2) SalesForce WorkBench (might be the first best to clearly detect Lightning Message Service channels).