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David Allen 26David Allen 26 

What is instance CS46?

I have a sandbox made off of our prod org. The sandbox instance is CS46, but it is not listed in
so I cannot tell whether it will participate in the early refresh for the new release or not.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi David,

CS46 is an instance name where your sandbox is hosted.  Try to recheck your instance name again using below references.


Check release details


Hope above information was helpful.

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David Allen 26David Allen 26
As I indicated in the original question, I was unable to find the instance name on the Salesforce  status site. Try yourself and you will see. CS46 is not there. David Kreth Allen 612-374-1119
David Allen 26David Allen 26
Also, I followed the articles you indicated. They merely indicate various ways to obtain the instance name, which is CS46
But the question was "What if the instance name is not in the status site?"