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Brian Nolau 2Brian Nolau 2 

message to salesforce: deleting custom objects that have rollups/relationships is as bad as your relationship/related lists creation with proper lookup-/masterdetail/index autonumber and the fact SOQL querries don't export to a custom object as records

so aggravated
Brian Nolau 2Brian Nolau 2
literally accounts, leads, and opportunties as a concept is plain dumb. When you try to set everything up in custom objects, of course you make basic stuff like objects appearing in custom apps unless you setup a tab or setting up relationships that have lookups that don't go to a random index autonumber instead of a name
testuser 34379testuser 34379
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ive been trying to set this up for like 15 hours now im so annoyed i give up im so stressed out your lookups lookup to a meaningless autonumber if you use the autonumber as the main index field,.....either that or you type in a pointless index name for no reason and of COURSE your upload doesn't properly tell you if an upload fails due to duplicates on the primary index field....and using autonumber as the primary index makes lookups to that object dumb because then im looking up based on a number which isn't a real field.....

and then on top of that controlling related lists that are clickable properly to the respective objects requires it to be a lookup on the master-detail table instead of the master detail but you need the master detail on the table to get a rollup on the other object and im stting here like what really is the difference between lookup and master detail and then all of a sudden im relating objects that have no reason to be there and they should be other linking objects and you release absolutely ambiguous articles like the below. THE BELOW ARTICLE IS AS BAD AT EXPLAINING THIS VERY IMPORTANT CONCEPT AS YOUR SYSTEM IS AT HELPING EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENECE BETWEEN THE TWO RELATIONSHIPS

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testuser 34379testuser 34379
wow and I tried to signup for another trial because i can't delete the objects and now im not even getting my verification email......wowwwwwwwwwwww
testuser 34379testuser 34379
it's like you guys are purposefullty ambiguous so that you can gift all these jobs to people figures
Andrew GAndrew G


Firstly, welcome to the joy of Salesforce.

Secondly, these forums are generally not frequented by actual Salesforce support bodies.  The large majority are just end users of the system.  You will find that if you log a "too hard" question via the official Salesforce support, they will direct you here for us amateurs to help you out.  

As for relationships, there are Lookup and Master-Detail.

Key difference is that Master-Detail indicates that the Detail cannot exist without the Master and it allows easy use of Rollups.  There are a few other gotchas related to the relationships, but thats the key 2 for my mind.
Everything else is a lookup.

Now, i'm a little confused on your reference to primary index field and duplicates.  However, i'm guessing that you need to ensure that for any record there is not a same record in the system based on some particular settings - for example that a Pilot only has one of a particular Certificate.  If that is what you are chasing, I would have a look at Duplicate rules in the Setup. 

The record Auto-number is simply as stated - a one up tag to number records with a some what meaningless counter.  More for ease of humans talking as in "can you help with record PC-001234?"

Hope the Duplicate Rules at least start you in the right direction.


Andrew G