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Chris Minotti 16Chris Minotti 16 

URL string issues causing problems in Console App


We have some custom code that is used to create a case that works on standard apps but breaks when it is used with an app that has a Console view.

When attempting to save our record from this custom window, an error appears:

'No access to field ws. Either the field was removed from the entity or access to this field was removed.'

'ws' is not a field on our object, and I think that error message is just the result of bad URL parsing. 

We have an Apex function RequestAccount() that generates the URL, and this URL needs to be updated to work with Lightning Console apps, but we are having difficulty finding the instructions on how to do so for our case.

This is the current way we currently prepend the URL string:

String urlString = '/one/';

According to this article ( the segment needs to be adjusted to something with "lightning", but for our particular case the syntax is not clear.

Can anyone provide assistance on the change we need to make to fix this operation on console apps?

Chris Minotti

Hi Chris,

The URL '/one/' is now changed with new URLs.

Attached link is showing the same. You need to modify the URL accordingly to get it work. You can observe the new URLs by opening any other application on console app and try to modify your custom code URL accordingly.

Hope this helps!

Chris Minotti 16Chris Minotti 16
Hi Sucharita, 

I've tried a couple different versions of swapping out "one/" with "lightning" in that URL and none of them have seemed to work.  The examples in that article are for sObject record pages, so it looks like a slightly different case. I was hoping someone that encountered this exact case knew the correct syntax because I'm having trouble still despite the suggestions in the article.