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Eric Latreille 8Eric Latreille 8 

dynamic table with repeat columns

Hi all,
I am curious to know how to do something like that. I have a custom object called Product_Schedule. In that object, I have the name, description, the month and the amount. I need to create record from a VF where I will be repeating the month coming from the opportunity and this will save it in multiple record in my object.
Example start_date = March 2021 and end_date = June 2021. I have 4 months to repeat in my columns. to the table header will look like that:
product | Description | March 2021 | April 2021 | May 2021 | June 2021
I can easily bind Product, description, month but not the amount as the ID stays the same so only the last month will work. How should I manage this?