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Srikar Reddy Srikar KSrikar Reddy Srikar K 

how to convert string 10:10 AM to time in apex

I have string value 10:10 AM and I want to set it to a field of type Time.
Didn't find the right code for this in community.
Please help.

Thank you,
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Check below example.

ravi soniravi soni
Hi Srikar,
try this following code
string sTime = '10:10';
 String[] strTimeSplit = sTime.split(':');
 Time timeChange = Time.newInstance( Integer.valueOf(strTimeSplit[0]) //hour
                                     ,Integer.valueOf(strTimeSplit[1]) //min
                                     ,0                                //sec
                                   system.debug('timeChange==> ' + timeChange);
I am sure it will help you. let me know and close your query by marking it as solved.
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Srikar,
Your ask seems similar to You might want to try the approach of using DateTime.parse('11/6/2014 10:10 AM')

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Malika Pathak 9Malika Pathak 9

Hi Srikar,

String timee = '10:10 a';
DateTime dt =;
String strTimeInAMorPM = dt.format(timee);
system.debug('Time : '+strTimeInAMorPM);

For more REFERENCE find the below link...

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Srikar Reddy Srikar KSrikar Reddy Srikar K
Hi All,
Thank you for the quick response. The problem is the above mentioned code working when the string contains '10:10' or '10:10 a', but the problem here is we are getting the value as '10:10 AM' in the JSON. we need to read that and covert to time format and set it in the field which is of time.

Thank you,
Om GuptaOm Gupta
Hi srikar reddy , you can use this code
String timeStr = '3:14 AM';
String[] splitTime = timeStr.split(' ');
String[ ] splitTime2 = splitTime[0].split(':');
String timeFormated = (splitTime[1].indexOf('PM') != -1 ? (Integer.valueOf(splitTime2[0])+10)+'' : (splitTime2[0]))+':'+splitTime2[1];
String inputDate ='yyyy-MM-dd');
inputDate += ' '+timeFormated;