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Jacky LeeJacky Lee 

Visualforce page fails to load scripts for single user - "Failed to load resource ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

We have an older Visualforce page that is failing to load scripts and resources for a single user, with the error message "Failed to load resource:net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET". This is only affecting a single user in the entire org and affects all browsers she uses.

User-added image

The only way she can get the page to load properly is if she opens the element inspector and refreshes the page several times, but must do this constantly.

On the VF page we are using Jquery and Bootstrap via CDN and also some static resource JS files, which works flawlessly for the rest of our users.

Things I've tried based on the assumption it's related to her device:
- Checked firewall, antivirus, windows security - nothing active or different from mine
- Checked browsers - Happens on Chrome, Edge, Firefox. Only works when refreshing several times, but stops working when tab closed.
- Opening in incognito mode - No change
- Checked plugins - Nothing related
- Cleared cache and cookies - No change
- Logging in as user - Page works as intended, I cannot reproduce console errors on my end
- No VPNs active
- Her internet connection is stable

I'm out of ideas, I don't suspect hosting files via static resource will change things as she has no issues viewing the content in the CDN link, but I will try. Is there anything device-specific that might cause this anomaly?

Vishwajeet kumarVishwajeet kumar
It looks like something related to the user browser settings.Browser re-installation on user device could be worth a try.