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Alexandr ZhuryloAlexandr Zhurylo 

Suspended Salesforce Certified Exam


A couple of days ago I started Salesforce Certified Exam, answered 1 question, and then it was paused. The image on the screen said: 'Please wait for our specialist to connect with you as soon as possible'. 20 minutes past nothing happened.
I connected to Kryterion Support, they answered me that no able to reschedule or cancel an exam and I should open a case in Salesforce Support.
SF Support has not been answered for a couple of days.
The exam still suspended now.

Does anyone has a suspended issue or know some solution?

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Please be advised that this community is focused on Salesforce technical discussions where the forums and participants are geared toward programming troubleshooting and support. 

I would suggest you get in touch with Kryterion itself as the certifications exams are booked with Kryterion.

Salesforce Support.
Alexandr ZhuryloAlexandr Zhurylo

@ANUTEJ Did you read my issue?

 Kryterion Support said that only salesforce support as my sponsor is able to help me.

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Apologies for the confusion, I checked internally can you try checking with the trailhead team using the below links:
Alexandr ZhuryloAlexandr Zhurylo
Yes. I opened cases 3 days ago. Still waiting the answer
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
 Can you provide the case number to check further.
Alexandr ZhuryloAlexandr Zhurylo



Case #00415025
Case #00410313
Case #00409557

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Allow some time to check further and respond back.
Alexandr ZhuryloAlexandr Zhurylo

I have no other choice. Will wait for answer.


Thank you ANUTEJ

Deepali UgaleDeepali Ugale
I am facing same issue and have been waiting for response since 2 days..Can someone help here?
Vaibhav Kamble 6Vaibhav Kamble 6
I am also facing same issue.
Uajjwal SinghUajjwal Singh

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Uajjwal Singh
During certification exam ,my examination automatic off and when am try to relaunchd its not work.
in the certification exam when am completing my 25-26 question ,after that my exam is off ,when i am try to relaunched its not work and my examination stop.
 i am also file a cases in  but not getting reply till now ...
Date Created-Mar 08, 2022
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Trailhead Help
Topic-Certification Online Proctoring Issue
Region-Asia Pacific
what is the the reason i dont know, please help me any one for this.. how to retake my exam please please any one.....
same experience for me today as well. I was appearing for "Advanced admin" exam and mid-way the session was abruptly suspended. No follwo-up call or email to fix the issue. Kryterion tech support could not assist . Raised a support case Case #00699843.

Given so many candidates facing similar issue with Online Proctored Exam, just wondering if concerned authorities at  Salesforce doing  anything to improve OLP exam experience ?
My Salesforce PD1 certification exam has been suspended; hasve raised Case #00728007 can anyone please assit on prior basis; as voucher will be expiring onto 27th July. 
Priyanjan Mukherjee 4Priyanjan Mukherjee 4

Same expereinec for me today. I was appearing for the 'Platform Developer 2' exam and suddenly it got suspended.

Case #00737929

Bhavani GundamBhavani Gundam
same happend with me on august 6th I also opened a case i didn't get any reply.What should I do.Please any solutions or sugestions let me know.
Tejas Kulkarni 6Tejas Kulkarni 6
Today I have started my "Salesforce Admin Certified " exam. Exam is being Online proctored, At the end I am having only 60 minutes to complete my exam, support people asked me to show my surroundings, I have shown my premises to them. They asked me to continue my exam. I resumed to write my exam, suddenly my exam got suspended. I don't know why? Tried reaching Kryterion support, they are asking me to reach trailhead salesforce support team. So i have created a casefor this. But didn't got any update yet.
Thanks Tejas
Martin AlvaradoMartin Alvarado

I am facing the same issue, the protector suspended the exam, and he didn't told why. I created a Case last week but they don't answer me yet.

Snehal Waghmare 18Snehal Waghmare 18
Hi guys, did you any receive any response from the team? 
Tom 94123Tom 94123
Even i faced same issue can anyone help
Jakeer Hussain 9Jakeer Hussain 9
I am also facing same issue as my Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect exam is suspended. I raised a support Case #00921349 four days back. Still I haven't recieve any updates. Could someone please help me here.

kavish sharmakavish sharma
Any one got any resolution from Salesforce team regarding the Suspended issue ?? 
Kamlesh SenKamlesh Sen
Hi, is any one got any resolution for this??
Mini BharadwajMini Bharadwaj
Any result till now for the suspended issue?
please let me also know.
Judith AddoJudith Addo
I faced the same issue on May 13th, 2023. I contacted technical support and the guy - his name is Joshua, he was so rude and ended the chat before I could say anything else, saying that he is the live technician and there is nothing he can do about it.

I am highly disappointed as this certification was time sensitive for me.

Looks like this has been ongoing and Salesforce hasn't bothered to do anything about it.
To resolve your suspended Salesforce Certified Exam:
  1. Contact Salesforce Support and open a case with all relevant details.
  2. Be patient and wait for their response, considering potential delays.
  3. Seek assistance from the Salesforce community by posting your issue on forums or social media groups.
  4. Reach out to Kryterion Support again for additional assistance.
  5. Document your interactions and keep records for future reference.
Please note that specific steps may vary based on the policies and procedures of Salesforce and Kryterion.
Best Regard by Robin Martinez.
Satish NaiduSatish Naidu

I have faced the same issue on 14th May. Associate Exam was suspended in the middle of the time and kryterion support asked me to relaunch the exam but couldn't do it and Kryterion support team said I have to log a case with Trailhead. Raised case #00950633 and #00950659 but no response from support team from the last 4 days.

Will the 'In Progress' exam in Kryterion be in the same status until cases are resolved?Will there be any communication between Trailhead team and Kryterion team in these situations?


Melissa AllinMelissa Allin
I had the same issue with an exam scheduled on May 4th. I submitted a case that day. They finally responded more than 3 weeks later saying it is resolved, but the exam is still suspended on webassessor, I still cannot schedule a new one, and Kryterion still says that Salesforce has to clear it. I reopened the case (00941951) but I really can't wait another 3 weeks. The CIO of a great company told me to email him my resume once I pass the exam, but I can't even take it. So upset.
Athmakuri Deepak SaiAthmakuri Deepak Sai
I attened PD-1 exam on May 11th ,it got suspended due to online proctoring. The proctor is rude as hell, I asked the reason for suspension he got so angry and asked me exit from broswer and get help from salesforce. I created a case on May 11th itself,but no one replied till date, I really dont know what to say about this salesforce ....are they like this all the time. If they dont want to respond to the issue why do they want us to create the issue.
Vishnu Raj VVishnu Raj V

I attended Salesforce Associate certification on June 3rd and got suspended at the very last moment, and I mostly finished the exam before going to submit it, but the proctor stopped and I was not able to submit the exam. I have already communicated with Kryterien support, but nothing to do from their side.
I have opened a case - #00964780, and still have not gotten a response yet.

Shuvam PatraShuvam Patra

This could be a technical glitch on their end. Don't panic though, as long as you've contacted both Kryterion and Salesforce Support, they should be able to sort it out for you.

While waiting for their response, you might want to document your situation including screenshots, exact time, date, and description of the issue for your reference and to aid in their investigation.

Also, try checking if there's any updates in your Salesforce Certification account, sometimes updates might appear there before you receive an email response.

Same thing happened with me. I had appeared for SF Admin exam on 20th June. I have almost completed my exam and someone from support group asked me to show me my room ..He checked my room for almost 15min and then asked me to exit the exam. There was nothing in my room except study table , my laptop bag and charger. My exam was not continued and got suspended. I have raised case on 20th and their SLA also has been passed but my case has not been picked up yet. Not sure what needs to be done now. I do not want to waaste my voucher.
kanishk Gupta 22kanishk Gupta 22

Hi Everyone, Did Salesforce resolve this for any one of you. I faced the same situation yesterday while giving Javascript Developer exam, the support agent asked me to show the entire room. I did it and there was not any objectionable item present.

Post that he ask me to end the exam and told that my responses marked till present will be taken into considertaion for final calculation. But now my test is showing as suspended.

I have created a case for the same but reading all your comments it seems that Salesforce is not looking into such cases on priority.

Adriano MartinelliAdriano Martinelli
I'm having the same issue. On June 23, I took the Marketing Cloud email specialist exam, but I couldn't complete it as I was suspended when I had 10 questions left. During the exam, the examinator told me that he couldn't give the reason of the suspension, but two days later, when I tried to talk with the support of Kryterion, they told me that I violated behavioral and environmental rules, even after several alerts. This is completely false, since I never had any alerts and when I got the check of both my room and desk, I showed them to the examinator all the times he asked (3 or 4 times). On my desk there was only my personal phone, but it was turned off because I know the rules and moreover I didn't want any distraction. In addiction, it was even behind my laptop, so it was impossible to me to use it! I tried to talk with the guys of Kryterion but they told me they can't do anything. So I opend three cases on Salesforce but I'm still waiting for an answer and it's been more than a week and the status is still "In progress" and the Launch is "suspended". It doesn't make any sense.

Saurabh Chaudhary 5Saurabh Chaudhary 5
After how many days you guys are getting reply from salesforce team?
Tianyi HanTianyi Han

still waiting, it happened to me last Friday, I opened 3 tickets already, no answers 


Praloy Das 6Praloy Das 6
I'm having the same issue. Tried to reach out to Kryterion support person over the Live Chat windows but did not get any response.
Mini Shahi 4Mini Shahi 4
The same incident happened to me as well. Can anyone tell as if what is the solution salesforce is providing over it. Did anyone was able to re-take the exam ?
Sharvindan SilvamSharvindan Silvam
Hi, I faced the same incident. can I know what is the solution for this? what will happen next?
keshav kulkarnikeshav kulkarni
I am facing the issue