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System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: 0, Actual: 280 Apex super badge

Hi Team,

I was doing apex super badge while perfoming unit test i am facing the below error .
System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: 0, Actual: 280
I have checked  it through it should have been Expected as to be 280 but its showing as zero .
Can someone help me here  why my test class is showing as zero

private class MaintenanceRequestHelperTest {
    @testSetup static void setup() {
        // Create one equip record with a 40 day maintenance cycle
        Product2 testEquip40 = new Product2(name='test',maintenance_cycle__c=40,replacement_part__c=true);
        insert testEquip40;
        // Create one equip record with a 50 day maintenance cycle
        Product2 testEquip50 = new Product2(name='test',maintenance_cycle__c=50,replacement_part__c=true);
        insert testEquip50;
        // Create one vehicle; the vehicle is not used for anything in these scenarios
        Vehicle__c testVehicle = new Vehicle__c(name='test');
        // Create 300 Cases with testEquip50, testVehicle
        // for the 'Repair' cases, create two Work Parts (one testEquip40 and one testEquip50)
        // all the Cases are created with Status='New'; we'll close them later
        // 140 are Type='Repair'; 140 are Type='Routine Maintenance'; 20 are Type='Mechanical' (to test non-creation of Cases)
        List<Case> testCases = new List<Case>();
        for (Integer i=0;i<140;i++) {
            Case c1 = new Case(Subject='Test '+ i,Status='New',Type='Repair',Equipment__c=testEquip50.Id,Vehicle__c=testVehicle.Id,Origin='Web');
            Case c2 = new Case(Subject='Test '+ 140 + i,Status='New',Type='Routine Maintenance',Equipment__c=testEquip50.Id,Vehicle__c=testVehicle.Id,Origin='Web');
        for (Integer i=280;i<300;i++){
            Case c3 = new Case(Subject='Test '+i,Status='New',Type='Mechanical',Origin='Web');
        insert testCases;
        List<Work_Part__c> testWorkParts = new List<Work_Part__c>();
        for (Case c: testCases) {
            if (c.Type == 'Repair') {
                testWorkParts.add(new Work_Part__c(Maintenance_Request__c=c.Id,Equipment__c=testEquip40.Id));
                testWorkParts.add(new Work_Part__c(Maintenance_Request__c=c.Id,Equipment__c=testEquip50.Id));
        insert testWorkParts;
    @isTest static void testCaseUpdate() {
        // get the test cases
        List<Case> cases = new List<Case>([SELECT Id, Status FROM Case WHERE Subject LIKE 'Test%']);
        // close the cases
        for (Case c: cases) {
            c.Status = 'Closed';            
        update cases;

        // 280 cases should have been updated; the 20 Type='Mechanical' should not have been updated
        List<Case> updatedCases = [SELECT Id, Parent.Type FROM Case 
                                   WHERE Subject = 'Routine Maintenance'
                                     AND (Parent.Type = 'Repair' OR Parent.Type = 'Routine Maintenance')];
        System.assertEquals(updatedCases.size(), 280);

        // 140 'Repair' cases should have Work Parts with a due date of today()+40
        // because the two Work Parts have cycle times of 40 and 50, respectively, and we use the MIN.
        // And there should be 280 Work Part clones attached to these cases
        Date due =;
        List<Case> repairCases = [SELECT Id, Parent.Type, Date_Due__c FROM Case
                                  WHERE Subject = 'Routine Maintenance'
                                    AND Parent.Type = 'Repair'
                                    AND Date_Due__c = :due];
        System.assertEquals(140, repairCases.size());
        // And there should be 280 Work Part clones attached to these cases
        List<Work_Part__c> workParts = [SELECT Id, Maintenance_Request__r.Subject, Maintenance_Request__r.Parent.Type 
                                        FROM Work_Part__c
                                        WHERE Maintenance_Request__r.Subject = 'Routine Maintenance'
                                                AND Maintenance_Request__r.Parent.Type = 'Repair'];
        System.assertEquals(280, workParts.size());

        // Finally, for the 140 'Routine Maintenance' parents, 
        // the cycle time should be using the 50 days from the related Equipment 
        due =;
        List<Case> rmCases = [SELECT Id, Parent.Type, Date_Due__c FROM Case
                                  WHERE Subject = 'Routine Maintenance'
                                    AND Parent.Type = 'Routine Maintenance'
                                    AND Date_Due__c = :due];
        System.assertEquals(140, rmCases.size());

ShirishaShirisha (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vijay,


The issue could be related to the Data which is in the Org.I would suggest you to check,if there is any existing configurations.

Please find the code suggestions in the below document:

Superbadge Apex Specialist Full Solutions - Salesforce Handle › superbadge-apex-speciali...

Please mark it as best answer if it helps you to fix the issue.

Thank you!

Shirisha Pathuri