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Joana MatosJoana Matos 

Adding contact to a campaign automation


I need to create an automation to add a contact, meeting specific criteria, into a campaign and ideally update the status. Can anyone advise please if is better with a Flow? I tried with a Process Builder but there is no feauture for campaign members. Many thanks. 
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Joana,

Can you elaborate on the issue you are facing or the scenario you are trying to implement so as to check further and respond back.

Joana MatosJoana Matos
Hi, Thanks very much. I have an application process from Survey Monkey Apply connected with salesforce, and would like any new application to be added to a campaign in Salesforce, and to create a new campaign member with a pre-defined status in the campaign, for example Application Submitted. Thanks, Joana Joana Matos Database Officer Crafts Council (0)20 7806 2509