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how to write a trigger for prevent the more then one attachement on parent record?

HI All,

Please solve the problem 
how to prevent the more then one attachement on parent record ?

Shaik Naga janiShaik Naga jani
Hi aklkk,
check this sample trigger(not tested), I wrote based on opportunity, you can extend this functionality to few more objects.
if opportunity record already has an attachment it will throw an error otherwise it will insert attachment on record.
trigger AttachmentCheck on Attachment (before insert, before update) {
    set<Id> setOppIds = new set<Id>();

    for(Attachment atchIterator : trigger.new) { 
        if(String.valueOf(atchIterator.ParentId).substring(0, 3) == Opportunity.sObjectType.getDescribe().getKeyPrefix()) {
    map<Id, Attachment> mapParntIdWithAtt = new map<Id, Attachment>();
    if(!setOppIds.isEmpty()) {
        list<Attachment> lstAttachs = [Select Id, Name, ParentId from Attachment where ParentId IN :setOppIds];
        for(Attachment atIterator : lstAttachs) {
            mapParntIdWithAtt.put(atIterator.ParentId, atIterator);
    for(Attachment atIterator : trigger.new) {
        Attachment objAttach = mapParntIdWithAtt.get(atIterator.ParentId);
        System.debug('Attachmet ====> '+objAttach);
        if(objAttach != null) {
            atIterator.addError('Attachment already attached in record.');

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