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Joana MatosJoana Matos 

Block VIP contact information in reports and dashboards

Hi all, I need to block VIP contact information from reports and dashboards, so that is only visible to some users. I've created a process to change the contact record type whenever it is categorized as VIP. Does anyone know how to block the contact information in reports? Thank you. 
Saravana Muthu 8Saravana Muthu 8

You could change the OWD for contact to private.

Create a checkbook 'VIP Contact' and make it true for VIP contacts.

Then create a sharing rule on Contact which share only the contacts with VIP Contact = FALSE. 

Sweet Potato Tec
Joana MatosJoana Matos
Hi Sarav, 

Thank you very much for your reply.

I created a sharing rule but cannot see where to edit the VIP Contact = FALSE. Do I create a process...? 

Thanks a lot,