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Bharat Seth 12Bharat Seth 12 

Need Help with Test Class Asap

Can anyone help me write Test Class for below Apex Class.

public class CheckSalesTeam {
    public static boolean IsSalesTeam=false;
    public static Boolean profileApprover(){
        List<Profile> profileList = New List<Profile>([SELECT Name FROM PROFILE WHERE Id = :UserInfo.getProfileId() LIMIT 1]);
        if(profileList[0].Name !='Sales Approver')
        return  IsSalesTeam;
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Prakhar Saxena 19Prakhar Saxena 19
Hi Bharat,

Since you are not passing any parameter in the method, you can simply call the method in Test class like this:
public class CheckSalesTeamTest {
    static void testProfileApprover(){