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srikanth cheera 13srikanth cheera 13 

Whatsapp API

How we can get WhatsAPP Api key
Khan AnasKhan Anas (Salesforce Developers) 
hi Srikanth,

Greetings to you!

Whatsapp API is currently in limited public preview, so only selected businesses will be able to use it. Please refer to the below links:



You can use third party services hired by UMS Tech Labs.


Also, please check this article on "Whatsapp Salesforce Integration". You can send and receive messages from Salesforce to Whatsapp using Yowsup library, which is a free open source python library.


I hope it helps you.

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Khan Anas
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Whats app API is not available for public use and its only for business here is the details steps 


Dhanik L SahniDhanik L Sahni
Please refer blog https://salesforcecodex.com/2019/09/integrate-salesforce-with-whatsapp-using-twilio-api/ for whatsapp integration with salesforce. 
Lionel Messi 13Lionel Messi 13
Are you talking about what the techbigs app provider has modified the whatsapp app? I update these web navigation apps regularly. Here comes whatsapp plus (https://techbigs.com/whatsapp-plus.html), whatsapp gb, whatsapp aero, ...
Customers can communicate with your support agents using WhatsApp in Messaging. They can message your company from the WhatsApp messaging app, and agents can reply from the Service Console. Use the guided setup flow to set up a WhatsApp channel. Please check this link 

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Agboola DamilolaAgboola Damilola
Hi, vs94063
I blog @ KenyaPrime (https://kenyaprime.com), I can see you want to get your  WhatsApp API key.
Please follow the below steps to get your  WhatsApp API key (https://extendguide.com/)

How to make WhatsApp Business API
Step 1: Create your account in Facebook Business Manager. The easiest step. ...
Step 2: Verify your Business Client account. ...
Step 3: Access to WhatsApp Developer API. ...
Step 4: WhatsApp API key pricing and limits. ...
Step 5: Use your WhatsApp API.
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Himanshu Kumar 131Himanshu Kumar 131
Very helpful followed the same thanks for the details...
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Mosh HamedaniMosh Hamedani
Whatsapp API is not available for public use and it's only for business.
author: Academic Master (https://academic-master.com/)
Malika Pathak 9Malika Pathak 9
Hi Srikanth,
 Currently, Whats app API is not available for public use and its only for business.

Following are the steps to get your key:
  • Create your account in Facebook Business Manager. The easiest step. ...
  • Verify your Business Client account.
  • Access to WhatsApp Developer API.
  • WhatsApp API key pricing and limits.
  • Use your WhatsApp API.
Kindly let me know if it helps you and close your query by marking it as solved so that it can help others in the future. It will help to keep this community clean.
mace doniamace donia
Whatsapp doesn't unlock that feature for business. but for now with GB WhatsApp (https://apkpew.com/apps/gb-whatsapp-apk-for-android/) all problems have been resolved. This is an updated version provided by Apkpew. Moded all the features that Whatsapp limited to business as well as personal. You can use multiple accounts at the same time. And it's free. So this is the version that is worth using and suitable for your business
Allen Taylor 31Allen Taylor 31
It only applies to selected businesses so try yowhatsapp (https://heymods.net/pt/yowhatsapp/) to experience somewhere new ideas.
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Miriam CortezeMiriam Corteze
Is anyone using Yowhatsapp (https://coimobile.com/yowhatsapp/) app? Please tell me how to get Yowhatsapp Api key
Phelipe ferreiraPhelipe ferreira
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John Wick 83John Wick 83

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jeff Henderson 34jeff Henderson 34
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faizan elahifaizan elahi
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Ethun HuntEthun Hunt
You can also check other anti-ban modified versions of WhatsApp (https://apksforwamods.com/) here.