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I'm not able to see "All Internal Users" in public group from list view

Hello All,
I'm not able see "All Internal Users"  public group when i searched in public group from list view.. And also I'm nt able to add list view into changeset.



'All Internal Users' is a salesforce's internal structure which simply represent a public group with all the internal users of your org. This will not visible to users.
Regarding adding a list view to changeset - Are you referring to list view on public groups.?. Since Public group is a kind of setup object, I dont think we can deploy it via changesets.!

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AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 

To force this option to become available, please, switch the User Interface back to "Classic" and follow the clickpath below:

Setup -- Customize --Partners -- Setting and activate Enable Partner Relationship Management

If you do not have access to the "Classic" user interface, we suggest creating a public group that includes all internal users and creating your list sharing options based upon that public group. 

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