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Harsha Suman 20Harsha Suman 20 

Scenario based interview preparation

I am looking for scenario based interview questions for Salesforce. Mosty in google I am able to find theory question but what I observe in my recent 2-3 interviews instead of direct questions interviewers are focusing on situation and scenario based question. I am having 1.7 years of experience as salesforce developer, if anyone can suggest from where I do prepare for my interview what would be really helpful.

If anyone have certain set of questions,please send it over my email as well- harsha.suman9421@gmail.com 

Thanks in advance!!
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Harsha,

This Forum is only for if anyone has issues with the Salesforce platform.

Please don't post this kind of question here.

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Arun Garg 9Arun Garg 9
Hi Harsha,
I found very realistic and good scenario based interview questions for experience developers.
Scenario based Interview questions (https://sfdcadda.blogspot.com/p/interview.html)
veeraswamy Mandulaveeraswamy Mandula
Above both links are super ....they have best scenario based questions and answers .thank you Shubham Nandwana and 
Arun Garg 9. if you have anything morethan this links/ on lightning please share the links here