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Checkbox on lightning component page to select value of picklist


I have a custom lightning page,
There are set of opportunity products, which gets added as a record. Every record has a picklist value.

But in the event of 100 products, i need to manually go and set the picklist value, even if they are same.

What i want is, if i can have a checkbox at the lightning component, which when checked, will populate the same picklist value as selected on the first record, and still allows the user to change the picklist value for records he wants to.

This way it will be easier for him
Gaurav Sharma 472Gaurav Sharma 472
Create  a button    on click of button  get ids of all records where checkbox is selected and update picklist value as of 1st.
Or implement on the onChange event of picklist field.
Sid LightningSid Lightning
records are not created, its still on lightning page.
Gaurav Sharma 472Gaurav Sharma 472
Ok. Then not by id. Maybe by aura id or any other ids  get those records and perform action.

We are doing this process in js controller,so it will notmake difference if they are created or not