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trigger to insert split values as record

Hi Experts,

I need assistance in completing the below trigger.
I have a custom object where it has lookup to Order object. I have a custom fields ProductName, Quantity.
Product Name, Quantity will be with more values sometimes single value which is separated by commas.
Ex: ProductName: SampleProduct,SampleProduct1
      Quantity: 5,2
I want to insert multiple Order Item with respect to that Order like ProductName: SampleProduct, Quantity: 5 as 1 record and another record as ProductName: SampleProduct1, Quantity: 2  where ProductName should be matched from Pricebookentry and insert in orderitem.
trigger insertOrderItem on OrderItem__c (after insert) {
    // Custom Order Item Collections
    Set<Id> orderitemIds = new Set<Id>();
    List<OrderItem__c> oiList = new List<OrderItem__c>();
    List<OrderItem__c> deloiList = new List<OrderItem__c>();
    // order collections
    List<order> ordList = new List<Order>();
    Map<Id, Order> ordMap = new Map<Id, Order>();
    // pricebookentry collections
    Map<String, List<pricebookentry>> pricebookMap = new Map<String, List<pricebookentry>>();
    List<Pricebookentry> pbeList = new List<Pricebookentry>();
    // orderitem collections
    List<OrderItem> oitList = new List<OrderItem>();
    for(OrderItem__c oi : Trigger.New) {
        System.debug('--- Order Id in Custom Oi Obj ---' + oi.Order__c);        
    if(!orderitemIds.isEmpty()) {
        pbeList = [SELECT Id, Name, Pricebook2Id, Pricebook2.Name, Product2Id, IsActive
                      FROM Pricebookentry
                      WHERE IsActive = true AND Pricebook2.Name = 'Standard Price Book' AND Pricebook2.Name IN: orderitemIds];
        for(Order ord : [SELECT Id FROM Order WHERE Id IN: orderitemIds]) {
            ordMap.put(ord.Id, ord);
        for(Pricebookentry pbe : pbeList) {
            if(!pricebookMap.containsKey(pbe.Product2.Name)) {
                pricebookMap.put(pbe.Product2.Name, new List<Pricebookentry> {pbe});
            else {
                List<Pricebookentry> pbeLists = pricebookMap.get(pbe.Product2.Name);
                pricebookMap.put(pbe.Product2.Name, pbeLists);
    for(OrderItem__c oi : Trigger.New) {
/* Need to insert Order Item*/ 
   List<String> Name = oi.ProductName__c.split(',');
        List<String> Qty = oi.Quantity__c.split(',');
        List<String> UnitPrice = oi.UnitPrice__c.split(',');
        System.debug('--- Name ---' + Name);
        System.debug('--- Qty ---' + Qty);
        System.debug('--- UnitPrice ---' + UnitPrice);
        Map<Id, Product2> proIdMap = new Map<Id, Product2>([SELECT Id FROM Product2 WHERE Name IN: Name]);
        OrderItem oit = new OrderItem();
        oit.OrderId = oi.Order__c;
        oit.Quantity = // Split Quantity Value.
        oit.UnitPrice = // Split UnitPrice Value.
        oit.PricebookEntryId = // Split ProductName Value;
    if(!oitList.isEmpty()) {
        insert oitList;
        System.debug('---Order Item Inserted Size---' + oitList.size());

Thanks in Advance.
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Htanirs,

Are you getting any errors as such while implementing this and also I would suggest you to check through that the soql is not in the loop as it may hit governer limit.