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hamza akouayrihamza akouayri 

System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS

i am calling apex email class from the flow with passing 4 parameters
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public with sharing class opportunityFulfillmentEmail {

public static void sentCsmEmail(List <flowInput> requests ) {
    flowInput req = requests[0];
      List<string> toAddress = new List<string>(req.primaryEmail);
      List<string> toCCAddress = new List<string>(req.CcEmail);
      ID conId = req.contactId;
    // Query the fields we need to merge 
      Opportunity opp = [SELECT Id, Billing_Contact_FirstName__c,Buying_Contact_FirstName__c 
                          FROM Opportunity 
                          WHERE Id=:req.oppId];
    // Query the email template
      EmailTemplate emailTemplate = [SELECT Id,Subject,Body,HtmlValue
                                      FROM EmailTemplate
                                      WHERE Id=:req.templateId
                                      LIMIT 1];
    // Process the merge fields  
      String plainBody = emailTemplate.Body;
      plainBody = plainBody.replace('{!Opportunity.Billing_Contact_FirstName__c}', opp.Billing_Contact_FirstName__c);                             
      plainBody = plainBody.replace('{!Opportunity.Buying_Contact_FirstName__c}', opp.Buying_Contact_FirstName__c); 
      String htmlBody = emailTemplate.HtmlValue;
      htmlBody = htmlBody.replace('{!Opportunity.Billing_Contact_FirstName__c}', opp.Billing_Contact_FirstName__c);
      htmlBody = htmlBody.replace('{!Opportunity.Buying_Contact_FirstName__c}', opp.Buying_Contact_FirstName__c);

    // Build the email message
      Messaging.SingleEmailMessage message = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
      Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] { Message });

  // Input details which comes to Apex class from flow 
 public class flowInput {

    public List<string> primaryEmail;

    public List<string> CcEmail;
    public id oppId;

    public id contactId;  

    public id templateId;  

I got this error even my list is not null 

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