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Leo DarkstarLeo Darkstar 

Connected App Initial Access Token

In the Connected App there is an Initial Access Token and a Generate button for it.

The description for the field is as such :

Generate an initial access token for an org’s parent OAuth 2.0 client app. 
Salesforce requires this token to authenticate the client app’s request 
at the dynamic client registration endpoint.

In the online documenation this is written about that token :

After generating the initial access token, register it 
with your external API gateway.

How\where do I "register" that access token ?
Here is the full documenation I am referencing :

Generate an Initial Access Token (

Thank you for any input you can provide.

AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Leo, 

As far as I know, this process is called Dynamic Client Registration. It enables resource servers to dynamically create client apps as connected apps. The client apps are external applications requesting access to protected resources. To dynamically create client apps as connected apps, the resource server sends the authorization server a request to create a connected app for the client app. The authorization server verifies the resource server’s request and creates a connected app, giving it a unique client ID and client secret.

Token introspection allows all OAuth connected apps to check the current state of an OAuth 2.0 access or refresh token. The resource server or connected apps send the client app’s client ID and the secret to the authorization server, initiating an OAuth authorization flow. As part of this flow, the authorization server validates (or introspects) the client app’s access token. If the access token is current and valid, the client app is granted access.

See documentation to learn more


Leo DarkstarLeo Darkstar
Thank you very much for this Anudeep. 
Shubham Jadhav 70Shubham Jadhav 70
Hi , You can refer to link for complete process .